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News You Can Use!

12/12: Grades have been submitted.  Best wishes to you!  


Thanks for an excellent class.
UPDATE: Grading is now complete initially.  I will review again before submitting grades, but plan to have them submitted by Monday.
I hope you all have a great holiday season and look forward to working with you again in the future! 
Dr B
**Grading will continue until complete - updated grades will be posted periodically until complete. 
**If you have contacted me about needing more time, I will grant you an "I" grade, and will replace that with  the grade you earned when all work is complete. Please remember that "I" grades are turned into no comps by the system at the end of the following term.
** Please also remember that access to the D2L class site ends soon after the end of class, so if you need materials, be sure you have looked at them.  Thanks.

12/10;  12/07:

**All work submitted through today (except Finals) has been reviewed, with responses in DropBox.  Looks like I can accept work through 12/10, which gives you an extra day.  If you are "close," please work with me, and I may still be able to give you an ontime grade -  we will work together to help you be successful.  Thanks. 
**  Grading of Final Essays will start on 12/11. Thanks.


**All work submitted through today is graded, except for Term Project Cases, which will wait until a few more are received to allow comparability.
**A student question suggests I should help you with one aspect of the Final:  I am asking a couple of questions that require you to integrate concepts that were developed in MIS 668 with those in 669.   The one you may need detail on is the Characteristics of Successful Product/Service Innovations model, developed in Mod 7 of 668.  Its components include:
         Functional Performance         Acquisition Cost         Ease Of Use / Design Characteristics         Operating Cost         Reliability         Serviceability         Compatibility         Design Quality/ “Panache.”
While I do not intend to give you all the answers, this one is somewhat unique, as your 668 source may not be available.  Hope that helps.


12/02:  I hope you are making good progress on your coursework.  Final is now available. Thanks.


**All work submitted through today has been reviewed, with responses in DropBox.  Great work so far on the Harvard Simulation - glad you are finding this valuable! 

11/24;  11/23:  ALL work will be due 12/09/09, for on-time grade.  Final will be available 12/02/09.

**All work submitted through today has been reviewed, with responses in DropBox.

11/19; 11/18;  11/17; 11/13;  11/10:

 **All work submitted through today has been reviewed and graded.  You should be finishing at least your second Case Study to be on pace in the class. Thanks.  

11/08;  11/06;  11/05:

***IMPORTANT NOTE:  Course materials will be unavailable from 6:00am until noon on Sunday, November 8th, due to a system upgrade on our media server.  Please plan accordingly.  Thanks.
**All work submitted through today has been reviewed and graded.  Thanks.

11/03;  11/02;  10/29:

I hope you are making good progress on the course materials.  You should be at the point where you are ready to do your first Part Two Case Study.
**Please remember, we will assume you will be doing the Real World study individually, unless you indicate you would like to  work with another student on this. 
**All work submitted through today has been reviewed and graded.  Thanks.

10/12/2009: Welcome to MIS 669-50!

I look forward to working with you on this Part Two class! 
*Please look around, and review the materials and your requirements for the class. 
*Please note that you will need to register online for the Harvard Simulation later in the class, before you can do it.  There is a small charge that you pay directly to Harvard (MUCH reduced from the regular fee because of your association with this class).
*Videos can be made Full Screen by pressing the icon in the lower right (third from right) that shows a small square with wider borders.  To return to the smaller screen, simply press the "ESC" key.
*Whenever you click on an Assignment, you will go to the integrated discussion of Assignments.  All the Assignments are also described in a video.
*Your textbook is the same as for Part One, and you will find that this class builds directly on MIS668.  ***Let's get started!  Thanks.   Dr B